Let’s try this again

In December 2007, I embarked on an epic journey to try to be a healthier person.

I kinda failed.


I join WeightWatchers, joined a gym, and started blogging about it.

My goal was to go from a starting weight of 203 pounds to something more appropriate for my height – and get healthier and more fit.

I began like so many others – slowly. It took 2 months to lose 10 pounds. But, I knew this wasn’t a “get then quick” scheme. My goal was to do this forever.

After several months and many pounds, I added the gym to my routine. It was amazing. I loved being there and how it made me feel… for about 3 months.

After that, I started letting in slip because of work demands. Then after a couple more months, I stopped all together.

My journey lasted 246 days.

So, as I start again, I remember how important blogging was to my weight-loss. Getting it out there for friends and strangers to see. Not keeping secrets about what I am doing, sharing all my successes, and exposing all my failures.

It also helps to know that I might be inspiring someone to do the same – and to hear their story too.

So, less than a weekend, I look back at my first blog about my previous weight-loss attempt – 2 months in – and find inspiration.

I can do it again. I have more to lose this time (yo-how aren’t just a toy!) but will feel all the better for getting there again.

From February 2008:

So, I am still loosing weight on Weight Watchers.

What did you think I was talking about?

Anyway… this week’s goal is just under a pound. If I do that, I reach 10 pounds total. I will be pleased with that.

Mind you, its not as much as I expected nor is it as much as I lost while on Atkins. But, I dunno, this feels different. This feels real, this feels do-able. It may be still to early to say, being week 10 and all, but I think I am really going to do it this time.

This time, I am doing it for me. Last time, my excuse was my diet buddy getting pregnant.

Hell, the time before that it was the same damn excuse.

But, lets be real. They were just excuses. Crap that I came up with so that I didn’t have to put forth any effort to make a change.

I began saying a couple of weeks ago, that if my diet buddies would join a gym, I would join a gym. But, that I wouldn’t do it alone… couldn’t do it alone.

That was just another bullshit excuse.

Especially when my diet buddies decided that the time wasn’t right for them to start going to a gym. I was actually going to let that stop me. Then I realized… am I doing this for them, or for me?

So, I joined at gym.

I think I am done with bullshit excuses, because that’s what they all are.

The gym is still under construction, so I still have some time to be fat. It should be open by the end of the month and I am actually looking forward to getting in there an getting into a routine.

I dunno… I think I might just do it this time.

And the person I will have to thank for it, will be me.

A little flour prevents evil

A few weeks ago I was out on the town doing some shopping when I stopped by the local Trader Joe’s. I knew I needed to get some peanut butter, but… there was a problem.

I am a bit of a peanut butter snob. Not like “I must have hyper-expensive peanut butter”, but rather, “I must have JIF Extra-Cruncy or nothing”

In case you weren’t aware, TJ’s doesn’t carry JIF. They only carry their own brands. So, there I faced a selection – a selection, I knew, filled with only disappointment.

I knew that all their peanut butters would just piss me off. The sunflower butter seemed cute, but could it really be a fill-in for PB in the PB&J? I knew I had to go with something with spirit and wouldn’t try to be that substance I loved so much. My alternative – almond butter.

I have have almond butter and cashew butter before, but never really for the purpose of a traditional PB&J type sandwich. I suddenly found myself faced with several choices; creamy salted, creamy no salt, crunchy salted, crunchy no salt.

I was frozen with panic but settled on the crunchy salted almond butter. I was excited for my next sammy! I had visions of skipping through a park with a picnic basket, laying out a blanket, eating an amazing AB&J sandwich and falling asleep under a tree – while cartoon birds dance around me.

Immediately upon tasting it, I added 1/2 teaspoon of salt. I made a sandwich with it. I then went and bought JIF Extra-Crunchy

But, I was faced with a dilemma – what do I do with this $6 almond butter? Inspiration! Let’s try to make almond butter cookies!


Fast-forward to an obtained recipe and a mother baking cookies when her son comes home from work.

The mother followed the internet-obtained recipe to the letter. The super creamy, slightly watery, almond butter added to a pretty generic list of ingredients with the aim of making a delightful, happy, little cookie.

This is the result:

A spoonful of almond butter conjures pure evil.

What was produced oozed across the baking sheet and tried to escape the oven, scheming the whole time. In order to end it’s plot to take over Hawaii and turn it into the new heart of the Axis of Evil, we had to crank the oven up, burning them alive.

It was a pure nightmare.

We had to think… what can we do to make these a source of good instead? To stop it’s oozy, evilness?


Like everyone else, we knew that flour is the natural anti-evil. So, quickly, another 1/2 cup was dumped in the evil batter. It screamed and shrieked as it was stirred in.

Suddenly… the clouds parted. The sun came out. Birds started singing.

Twelve minutes later:

These cookies could bring peace to the Middle East

Pure deliciousness! They will bring only joy!